[ESCLUSIVA] Emma Watson su Top Girl #136

UPDATE 28/04: English translation added, half of the credits goes to Claire90. =)

Seconda copertina italiana per Emma in un mese dopo quella di “Io Donna“, anche questa per accogliere in qualche modo l’uscita italiana (Oggi!!) de Le avventure del topino Despereaux.

Emma viene stimolata su amicizia, emancipazione, soldi, casa, fidanzati, Twilight. Se nell’articolo notate un “Joel” di troppo, sappiate che è il nome mezzo storpio con cui i tabloid/gossip si riferivano molto probabilmente a Jay Barrymore, anche lui comparso nell’Universo  Watson dopo gli Empire Awards di Marzo 2008. L’intervista risale con tutta probabilità a Dicembre, visto che l’articolista scrive da Los Angeles.

Anche le foto che accompagnano il pezzo sono dello stesso periodo: si tratta di immagini tratte dallo shoot di Emma per il Sunday Times Style. E’ praticamente l’unico servizio fotografico importante di Emma a non essere disponibile in altà qualità e senza tag, e questa volta le foto usate sono differenti: non possiamo quindi non accoglierle con entusiasmo!

Un grazie transfinito a BiaxFan#28 per il tip sull’uscita e ad Alessandra e Dottor Watson per gli scan! Non vi resta che cliccare sugli scan, aspettare un pochino e enjoel.. ehm.. enjoy!

P.S. Molti Emmadicted mi informano che, se vi affrettate, trovate ancora la rivista in edicola.


Here it is why Hermione still lives with her mum and dad. Fresh nineteen, ten years on the big screen, Hogwart’s little witch is all grown up. But, even though she’s been under the spotlight in her toughest years, she DID NOT lose her bearings hanging around clubs and then going to rehab (like Lindsay Lohan), she DID NOT get herself photographed naked and then published on the internet (Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus), she DID NOT change dresses and boyfriends every night (Paris Hilton) taking a chance to have unwanted children and early lose dignity and panties (Britney Spears). A good girl X-ray. How long will she be?

Even though the most glamour event she attended recently it was just the Paris Fashion Week, even though the most paparazzi can expect is to catch her outside a theatre with her friends, despite all of this, we never lack for gossips about Emma Watson’s boyfriend: “I have not the right to have a male friend anymore, i must have a love affair with every guy i go out with. One day they photograph me with Daniel (Radcliffe), another day with a friend of mine (Jonny Borrell, Razorlight guitarist), and all of them, really, are supposed to be my lovers according to the tabloids. I count up on readers’ cleverness.”. The only affair she admitted, the one with Joel (a guy not in the industry), is over now and Emma Watson declares herself single: “It’s so hard to find a knight with a bright armour. And maybe girls don’t even know what they want. When i date someone i act like i’m an independent woman, perhaps i’ll settle the bill. But then i’ll regret it, because in the end i love gallantries.”

On April 24th, the animated feature “Le Avventure del topino Despereaux”, where Emma has voiced a princess, will be released in italian theatres. I meet her in Los Angeles for the film promotion: blue shirt, skirt and pumps.

From Hermione’s magic to Despereaux Princess..

I recorded all alone, in a dark studio and it has been really hard sometimes. There are scenes where the Princess has been kidnapped: it takes a lot of immagination efforts to get inside the character. It’s not as it is in Harry Potter set, where i can enjoy action scenes, the moments i like the most.

Half-Blood Prince is set to release on this July. You start shooting the last one in February which will be released in two different parts. And then, what’s up to you next?

I don’t know when shooting will finish, but in the autumn i’m going to university, still don’t know where i’m going to attend (on Twitter, a social network, a fake Emma’s account has been created. Her only official space is on Friendster, managed by her dad and an assistant, but Emma doesn’t talk about it).

You didn’t quit school even if you’ve been busy with these films for years.

I think it would be crazy if i didn’t: it kept me in touch with the real world. Every time a shooting schedule got completed i got back to my friends and normal life. I think all of this has helped me stay grounded: school and, of course, my family.

You often told you wanted to keep other opportunities open, other than your acting career. Has it been hard for you to decide what you want to be?

Maybe i hesitated longer than Daniel and Rupert. They always knew they want to be actors. For me it’s been different: i was nine and i was a massive fan of the books, and those producers came to my school during our theatre hour, to audition us. Three weeks later they called me for another audition and later i got the part. All of this with no lessons, without knowing i wanted to be an actress, jut memorizing my part. But just because such a crazy thing happened to me doesn’t mean it was the right thing for me. At least, that’s what i always thought. Now i realize that probably it is and that, if not an actress, i’d pick another equally weird career. A normal job wouldn’t suit me. I could be a painter, i paint in oils and enjoy it.

Has someone of your family pushed you to carry on this way?

My parents are lawyers, all my family is made of scholars and nobody has never been passionate about cinema. When I was a child we didn’t see movies at home, I had to do a crash course on my own and start watching everything I had lost. I didn’t know Gary Oldman and Maggie Smith (two movie legends that respectively play Sirius Black and Minerva McGonagall in the Harry Potter series) My parents’ job, however, has helped me very much: they have been able to manage all the economic and concrete aspects of what I do and advice me for best.

Here is a thing i’d like to ask you, recently you attended a business administration course. Was this an advice of your parents too?

No, it was my choice. It was a 4 day course, I turned 18 and I didn’t know what to do with my money. I don’t keep them on my account to spend them, it would be very stupid, I don’t need it now. I still live with my family.

This is also a choice which distinguish you from the other stars. Have you ever wished to be free, live on your own?

Are you kidding? I hate to do the laundry, and I get along really well with my parents. During the shootings, however, I decided to rent a flat to get closer to the studios. It was too stressing going back and forth after a demanding day.

What do you like to spend your money for?

I have never bought anything really expensive. Wait, no,: a hybrid car, a Prius, when I took my licence, and a laptop. These were my big purchases, even if someone took me too seriously when I said I wrote family allowance for my brothers. I want to say it straight out that it’s not true, my parents take care of them.

Have you ever bought something on a whim?

Actually, I like to be with my friends, doing what normal peple do, besides none of them has the money that I have. So we spend our nights out at the cinema, or dining out in some place not too much expensive.

Robert Pattinson, leading actor in “Twilight“, played Cedric Diggory in the films of the Harry Potter saga. Did you keep in touch with him?

No, I don’t have his number but I’d like to send him a message to tell him that is stealing my fans! They say Twilight is going to be the next Harry Potter, and I’m starting to feel uncomfortable about that… wait a minute, we’re still here!

You have been at the Paris Fashion Week. Do you feel kile a fashion victim? How do you like to dress?

It depends if I have to be elegant or casual, but I don’t dislike follow the fashion. Among the stylists I really like classical ones like Balenciaga and Chanel, while if I want to dress comfortable I prefer to mix vintage pieces with Gap or Zara clothing.

Do you feel the need to be beautiful all the times for the ubiquitous paparazzi?

I don’t want to lie: I feel so much like I have to be. But I like it, because I enjoy to express myself with the fashion and I hope that this feeling never ends. It would be bad if i wake up one day and feeling bother looking at my full closet!

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    Ecco la radiografia di una brava ragazza. Per quanto ancora?

    Ma io direi ancora per molto ma molto tempo!!! Ems ha i piedi per terra nn penso proprio si monterà la testa!!! :nono: Nemmeno lontanamente…

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    • E’ molto più probabile che Emma non abbia detto un bel niente/un’altra cosa, e loro si siano sentiti in dovere di rimediare alla lacuna xD. La parte del single non è quotata, per esempio.

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    Ammetto di averlo comprato XD Costava SOLO un euro! Non ho resistito!
    Mi sono fatta molte risate al punto in cui prega Pattinson di non rubare i fans ad HP perché lei è preoccupata XD

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