Emmujer – Yo Dona #215

Stesso titolo della rivista italiana che avevamo proposto qualche tempo fa, ma questa versione spagnola uscita nelle edicole il 13 di Giugno propone due foto agiussiane nuovissime e uno scan molto migliore di quella già vista su Elle Girl Russia.

Emma non si smentisce, ormai abbonata all’en-plein cover+articolo. Questa volta sulla copertina è il turno di una foto in cui Emma indossa l’abito tutufloreggiante bianco che ha spopolato nel servizio di Nina Magazine:

Quella che avete appena visto è l’altro scatto inedito, dove Emma indossa uno smanicato blu della collezione Fall 2008 Ready To Wear di Chloé.


Se vi state chiedendo dell’intervista, sappiate che non c’è nulla di nuovo: si tratta di una copia carbone di quella già vista su Candy Magazine allungato con materiale abbastanza recente proveniente da Interview e altra roba già vista qui su EWI. La trascrivo qui in inglese, traduzione fornita da SnitchSeeker. Rimangono da vedere 2 scans alternativi, più piccoli ma leggermente più definiti:

COVER: More over Harry Potter

I want to convince the world that I can be more than Hermione.


(From child actor to diva, little is left of little Hermione, know-it-all friend of Harry Potter, who in the sixth installment of the saga shows a more sensual side of herself. Emma Watson was named one of the sexiest woman in the world, she probably feels more comfortable. But this isn’t her only title; she’s also a fashion icon)

From a caterpillar to a butterfly, Emma Watson (Born in Paris, 15th of April 1990) is no longer a child, even though being younger she already knew how to manage herself in interviews. She’s old enough to drive, go to a pub and even go to University (She’s decided to take a break from the public eye and take a year off). The smartest student in Hogwarts school– she’s also smart in real life, graduating with top marks– she’s turned into one of the sexiest stars on the big screen. When Watson was chosen to play Hermione Granger at the tender age of nine, she didn’t suspect that she would turn into the female protagonist of one of the most successful film franchises of all time. A decade later, with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood prince about to premiere: the physical changes of the actress are more prominent than ever: her curls have died out, her hair has turned blonde and her image is more sophisticated. Also, the evolution of her character, who abandons the spoiled image to a more kind and sensual image. And as if by magic. Also, there are still those who confuse reality with fantasy, actress and character; something she repents. As the Harry Potter saga reaches its end (Only two films remain). It will be then, and only then when Emma Watson begins to soar and has the opportunity to demonstrate that’s there is life after Hermione.

YO DONA: Think for a moment that day in the Berkeley Hotel in London, when you, Rupert and Dan were playing Monopoly, just before the premiere of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to the world wide press. Did you imagine than that those big changes were about to happen in your life?

Emma Watson: I think that I was too young to notice it, even though, obviously, I was scared to death! I didn’t think of the fact the JK Rowling was about to write seven novels. Nor did I suspect that the saga would become so popular. Nobody knew that the film would turn into one of the most successful movies of all time.


YO DONA: Does feel different to work in the new film, after the three protagonists have done other projects?

Emma Watson: Yes. It’s been great to be back and speak to Dan (Daniel Radcliffe) and Rupert (Grint) about their other projects and comment on the difference between theater and in television. It’s left us with much security, because we started younger with the Potter films. For me it was important to do Ballet Shoes; I learned a lot thanks to that experience.

YO DONA: has it bothered you that your character (Hermione) has a romantic history with Ron (Rupert Grint)? I say it, mostly because he’s an old friend…

Emma Watson: No it was very hard. Rupert was very calm, and it doesn’t matter to me because I like Romantic Comedy. He and I added a bit of comedic relief to the movies once they became darker. It’s fun to see Rupert that way. Hermione and Ron are very different, but they have a special element. It will be a bit uncomfortable to do the kissing scenes; there’s no other word to describe it, but its part of the job.

YO DONA: With 19 years of age, what’s your goal?

Emma Watson: To convince the world I’m more than Hermione.

YO DONA: have you ever thought of rebelling?

Emma Watson: I work way too much to have time to think of that. But I’m sure that when I’m 30 I’ll have a hormonal breakdown and do everything I’m missing out on now.

YO DONA: Is it difficult to find a girl of your age as down-to-earth as you. Like in the U.S. all the actors of your generation lose it.

Emma Watson: I understand them. The interest just comes up all of a sudden and your life is superior to the capacity of anyone standing them. Even if you’re young, the pressure you feel all the calls for perfection….it hard to stand it all.

YO DONA: Would it be difficult to maintain a normal emotional relationship…

Emma Watson: Relationships are complicated themselves, and without noticing the weight of the world watching over you. They’re watching if you go out with someone, if there’s a crisis, a break-up… But I don’t want to say that I have had them.

YO DONA: When you meet new people, do you trust them?

Emma Watson: I trust my instinct. I’ve learned to be good when it comes to knowing why people have an interest in me.

YO DONA: How do your friends act around you, now that you’re rich and famous?

Emma Watson: It’s only weird for them when we go out and the people recognize me on the street. On the other hand, they know how to be protective.

YO DONA: Do you always pay?

Emma Watson: No! It would be uncomfortable for them.

YO DONA: You’re a fashion icon the British media. Could you describe your style?

Emma Watson: I’m a true Londoner. The time is very grey in my city, and that favors an eclectic and crazy fashion time. I mix the style of the street with vintage and designer jewelry. I have fun. My mother is very elegant; I think I’ve learned a lot from her.

YO DONA: And from Kate Moss?

Emma Watson: She also has style. You notice it in the cloths she wears. In the U.S you don’t go out if your stylist hasn’t told you what to wear. That’s why the way of dressing over there is a bit interesting.

YO DONA: Have you ever felt the need to be thin?

Emma Watson: I’ve never felt the need to be thin; always being very thin isn’t pretty. I’m never on a diet. I love cooking and eat. I make excellent raspberry tarts and amaretti (almond pastries).

YO DONA: How does it feel to wear dresses that Chanel sends you or the places your profession let’s you travel to?

Emma Watson: It’s incredible to get those gowns, because I’ve always loved designer clothing. It’s the best. If anyone dresses me for a premiere, it’ll be Chanel. Physically, I don’t have time to go shopping for those events, that’s why it’s good that they lend me these cloths. It’s also great to travel with all the people I’ve worked with. What other profession would have offered me all these opportunities?

YO DONA: Do you have a diary?

Emma Watson: I save some things from my childhood, with little memos about thins I said or though. I also keep boxes of memorabilia, including a piece of the Giant chess set. I have a lot of little things they let us keep.

YO DONA: It’ll probably be good for doing an autobiography some day…

Emma Watson No, I don’t imagine doing one. It’s too strange and weird to look back and contemplate over that small girl. I criticize myself a lot, and it would be difficult to watch the first few films. I’m very proud of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but I had to see it two or here times before I was calm enough to be able to concentrate on my interpretation.

YO DONA: How did it feel, in 2007, to receive the Best Female Interpretation award at the ITV national Films Awards?

Emma Watson: It was very nice. I didn’t expect to win it. It wasn’t only about Order of the Phoenix, it was for all the movies; I was flattered to with the fact that the public voted for me to get that award. It was one of my proudest moments.

YO DONA: Your cast mates say that they’ve banned you from the ping-pong table because you’re too good.

Emma Watson: [Laughs] I hope they let me play again, because I love playing. When I was small I was a bit of a tomboy and did a lot of sports.

YO DONA: What other things do you have in your trailers in the studio?

Emma Watson: Rupert has darts, billiards, ping-pong and video game consuls. Dan has books and music. During the summer I was so bored I painted a large mural in my trailer. Besides that it’s very feminine, it has candles, pillows, and all the things us girls like.

  • Pancaspe

    Grazie per gli scan migliori.
    Purtroppo vista meglio la foto in celeste non mi piace più ç_ç lo sguardo non mi convince e con quel rossetto così scuro non va… uffa.
    Il vestito blu mi piace (ed è del 2008, non 2009) e lo scollo profondo sulla schiena ad Emma dovrebbe star bene visto che ha il seno piccolo, spero che escano foto migliori con questo abito anche perchè questa non mi piace proprio: lo sguardo da famme fatale non le è venuto bene e i capelli sembrano tutto un pezzo.

    • Grazie, corretto l’anno della collezione ^^

  • Marty * emwatson;

    propone due foto agiussiane nuovissime

    Ho deciso, devo comprare il libro di foto di Lorenzo Agius *_*
    Spero che ne escano altre di foto di Emma con il vestito blu. sìsì

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    Il vestito Tutufloreggiante è meraviglioso. *_*

    Marty, volevo documentarmi anch’io circa Agius sai? *_*

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    Emma Sta Benissimo <:-D