Outtakes da Marie Claire US by Tesh

Sono 6 in tutto, grazie ad iheartwatson.

  • Lynus The Porcupine

    Splendida è a dir poco… E com’è professionale! =))

  • Mister Hahn

     Diciamo che valeva la pena uscissero anche solo per l’ultima di queste.

  • Maria

    Just wanted to say,it’s okay with this Google Map,when Emma has filming or don’t know which Event.But at other Times I would close that.When she has Uni,no Termin,no Event etc
    we don’t want to be like Paparazzis,who don’t respect Emmas private Life and Freetime,right?:)

    and I like your Site,even though I wouldn’t upload Photos of Pap’s from her private Life.During filming or Events okay,but not otherwhise.Don’t know wether you or I will see something from Emma in Theatres again in our Countrys (after HP),but support is always good :)

    you have a great Design,looks like a lot of Work

    • Mister Hahn

      Hi Maria,

      Thanks for your words about the design, much appreciated :)

      For the “Where is Emma” box on the right side, it’s not like it’s a GPS-accurate widget, isn’t it? It’s not, and the way i use it, it does not even point to an actual address, just a city or a well known location.
      It’s far from stalking-supporting, honestly. It’s just translating into a map hundreds of sightings in twitter, facebook and what else. Where Emma is at one moment is a piece of useful information that many many non-stalker, respectful fans would like to know at times. It’s the same as “Anything particular she is up to?”.
      Apart from that, i think i already pointed out this site’s policy about paps photos and Emma’s privacy in the recent past :)

      I don’t know which country you are from, and i have doubts myselft about MWWM, but we are definitely going to see Perks in Italy.

  • coch

    Ma cos’è bella!!!!!!0_0

  • Marty*emwatson;

    Sono contentissima che sia uscita la seconda foto in qualità migliore
    perchè mi è sempre piaciuto da impazzire lo sguardo di Emma, lo trovo
    proprio magnetico. *____*

    Mi piacciono moltissimo anche la 4a soprattutto per lo sguardo, e quella in B&W è.. *__*
    Che profilo perfetto. ♥