Chiusura di junket con tanto di cappello

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Emma è stata avvistata a Londra ieri 29 Agosto, quindi c’è motivo di credere che il look di ieri sia un #latergram, un post di Instagram in ritardo, come l seguente, che è un ritardatario dichiarato.

Abito TOME, scarpe del fidato Paul Andrew e cappello Maison Michel.

#latergram. And we are off! Wrapped up Regression press in @TomeNYC dress which is produced and manufactured in New York City.
Hat by @MaisonMichel is handmade in Paris utilizing the finest craftsmanship since 1936. “The métier’s secrets lie in the skillful hands of a small group of specialized and complementary artisans: the hatter shapes the hat, while the milliner stitches, lines and finishes it.” These sandals… easy chic from @PaulAndrew who has been so fantastic (& generous) to work with this press junket, sending his handcrafted shoes!


Close-up di una borsa Maiyet.

A little detail shot of this bag by @Maiyet who is “pioneering a new luxury by creating a fashion brand that celebrates rare artisanal skills from unexpected places.” #Maiyet works with small, family-owned factories in Italy for leather production.