I tweets della settimana [19 Gennaio – 25 Gennaio]

Una settimana interessante, quella appena conclusa, tra eventi a Davos e annunci di interviste a icone femministe.

Instagram è stato usato, come di consueto, per regrammare i look solidali messi insieme per l’occasione: già riportato quello per cena per i Global Goals, qui vediamo l’adorabile foto usate per il look sfoggiato il giorno dopo.

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Ha cambiato di nuova foto profilo, condividendo un nuovo headshoot firmato da Andrea Carter Bowman.

Emma ha usato Goodreads per annunciare un nuovo appuntamento che la vedrà protagonista: il 24 Febbraio intervisterà Gloria Steinem durante un evento chiamato An Evening with Gloria Steinem and Emma Watson, a Londra.

Sono felicissima di poter FINALMENTE rivelare il mio segreto! Intervisterò Gloria sul palco a Londra all’evento di How to: Academy il 24 Febbraio. Non sono rimasti molti biglietti ma questo è il link – [LINK] Il mio piano è di caricare il video dell’intero evento su Our Shared Shelf. Speravo che potessimo unirci e farci venire in mente le migliori domande possibili, come gruppo. Voglio farle più domande possibile. :) Spero siate tanto esaltati quanto me che la nostra prima discussione con un autrice sia COSÌ fantastica!! eeeee!
E xxx

Buona parte di tweet, e soprattutto retweet, questa settimana è stata per HeForShe, IMPACT 10x10x10 e l’evento di Davos, con l’aggiunta di un retweet per Forest Whitaker, sostenitore di HeForShe, che ha condiviso il link del sito chiamando gli uomini all’azione.

Nel weekend Emma è stata al concerto dei The Coors alla O2 Arena, a Londra, e le è venuta voglia di imparare a suonare la batteria. :D

@TheCorrsMUsic The Corrs sono stati fantastici stasera alla 02. Voglio davvero imparare a suonare la batteria ora che ho visto @CCorr_Official [Caroline Corr] …

Altro tweet musicale per la cover di Hello fatta dalla band Walk off the Earth.

LA MIGLIORE – [LINK] Buona domenica sera. Ringraziatemi dopo. @WalkOffTheEarth @Adele #hello

Ha anche condiviso le 4 stelle su 5 che ha assegnato al libro My Life on the Road:

Su Goodreads Emma è intervenuta in due discussioni:

Emma ha anche aperto una discussione intitolata From Gloria Steinem in cui figurano dieci libri che la scrittrice femminista sceglierebbe di leggere su un’isola deserta:


If I were marooned on a desert island, I would want a book on edible plants and building a raft, but here are ten I would choose for the pleasure of big and new understandings.

The Mermaid and the Minotaur, Dorothy Dinnerstein In a migratory past when both men and women raised children, men developed empathy, patience, attention to detail, and a sense of the value of life; all qualities now wrongly called “feminine.” Dinnerstein will convince you that men again raising children is the key to world peace.

Exterminate All the Brutes, Sven Lindquist By traveling in Africa while also learning from hundreds of books stored in his computer, Lindquist shows us that racism was invented to justify colonialism. Racism came home to Europe as the holocaust.

Two Thousand Seasons, Ayi Kwei Armah In the communal voice of a storyteller, this great Ghanaian novelist describes Africa before Arab and European invasions and slave-taking. He not only re-defines history, but how history is told.

The Sacred Hoop, Paula Gunn Allen By describing the Americas before Columbus and what is still the biggest genocide in history, she tells us that “the root of oppression is the loss of memory.” Otherwise, we would know that most of what we want in the future was once here.

Trauma and Recovery, Judith Herman From shell shock in World War I to childhood sexual abuse today, the reality of trauma has been denied. But as this indispensable book makes clear, “Remembering and telling the truth about terrible events are prerequisites both for the restoration of the social order and for the healing of individual victims.”

At the Dark End of the Street, Danielle McGuire For a decade before Rosa Parks began the Montgomery bus boycott, she had been protesting the rapes at bus stops of black women by white men. This book helps make the female half of the civil rights movement visible.

The Color Purple, Alice Walker Because she makes the invisible visible, and redeems people who seem irredeemable, she makes every reader feel visible and redeemable, too.

Sex and World Peace, Valerie Hudson et al All the many forms of violence against females have now added up to fewer females on earth than males. Since violence against females is the normalizer of all other forms of violence, this book is vital, from family life to foreign policy.

The Woman Warrior, Maxine Hong Kingston If a Chinese girl living in the back of a laundry in San Francisco can imagine herself as a woman warrior riding down from the hills of China to rescue her people, I can imagine myself off this island.

Dark Matter, Robin Morgan Though I plan to live to 100, this soon-to-be published book of poetry contains my favorite lines:

….It’s sweetness
that turns leaving sour, joy that makes dying hard.

La Watson ha condiviso alcune citazioni da My Life on the Road.

Sometimes I think the only real division into two is between people who divide everything into two and those who don’t.

As Robin Morgan wrote so wisely, “Hate generalizes, love specifies”. Thats what makes going on the road so important. It definitely specifies.

Altogether, if I’d been looking at nothing but the media all these years, I would be a much more discouraged person-especially given the notion that only conflict is news, and that objectivity means being evenhandedly negative.

I myself cried when I got angry, then became unable to explain why I was angry in the first place. Later I would discover this was endemic among female human beings. Anger is supposed to be “unfeminine” so we suppress it -until it overflows. I could see that not speaking up made my mother feel worse. This was my first hint of the truism that depression is anger turned inward; thus women are twice as likely to be depressed. My mother paid a high price for caring so much, yet being able to do so little about it. In this way, she led me toward am activist place where she herself could never go.

You should write about take no-shit women like me. Girls need to know they can break the rules” p.79

Long before all these divisions were opened between home and the road, betweens a woman’s place and a man’s world, humans followed the crops, the seasons, traveling with their families, our companions, animals, our tents. We built campfires and moved from place to place. This way of traveling is still in our cellular memory. Living things have evolved as travelers, Even migrating birds know that nature doesn’t demand a choice between nesting and flight.

You’re always the person you were when you were born,” she says impatiently. “You just keep finding new ways to express it”.p. 191

Laughter is a rescue. p.204